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Howzat! Archive - June 15th 2011

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It's like a vacant heavyweight title: the belt is up for grabs, but who will take it? With the departure of Powderfinger and Silverchair, who is the biggest band in the land? There is no obvious answer. Announcing their new album, The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating, last week's press release proclaimed, "The biggest band in the land, The Living End " They just might be. Not many modern bands are still going strong when they hit album number six.

A hip hop buddy argues, "You could mount a case that the Hilltop Hoods and Bliss N Eso are now our biggest bands. I mean, how many rock acts are selling out Festival Hall?" It's a fair point. Clearly, the local scene has evolved. Maybe a dance act is our biggest band: The Presets or Sneaky Sound System. As for our biggest rock bands: Jet, You Am I and The Vines? Their big days might be behind them. The Drones and Eddy Current? Critical acclaim, but limited sales. The Temper Trap? Definite contenders; their second album will tell the tale. If doing big shows is the gauge of success, The Wiggles might take the title. Or perhaps Short Stack. They get no respect, but they're doing Festival Hall on July 2. And let's not forget The Cat Empire, who have done a Myer Music Bowl.

The music scene is obviously fragmented, which is not necessarily a good thing. Can you name the lead singers of all the above bands and would you recognise them if they walked into the room right now? Tim Rogers is one of the few genuine rock stars we've produced in the past 15 years. When Howzat! was at high school, the big bands included Australian Crawl, Cold Chisel, Men At Work, INXS, Midnight Oil, The Angels, Divinyls, Mondo Rock, Dragon, Models, Mental As Anything, Hunters and Collectors, Icehouse, Uncanny X-Men, Pseudo Echo and the Hoodoo Gurus - all of 'em household names. Chisel are working on a new album. Maybe they see an opening and will soon reclaim their title. God knows, we need them - or any other band - to step up.

Jaime Robbie Reyne launches his debut solo single, Remember To Breathe, at Revolver on Saturday. Catch him while you can - this is also a farewell show, with Jaime relocating to New York the following day. "The time is right to make the move," says Jaime, who will record his debut album in the US with producer Niko Bolas. Jaime was in fine form, fronting a rootsy trio, when Howzat! caught him at the Thornbury Theatre last Thursday. He even covered Springsteen's I'm On Fire - a hit the year Jaime was born. Jaime is pursuing a music career against the good-natured advice of his dad, James. "I'm going, 'Why would you do it? Don't do it,'" James said, "but he doesn't listen." Of course, James became one of our biggest rock stars in the '80s, but in an Adelaide interview he revealed "times have changed". He no longer drinks, preferring to jog while on tour. James delivered one of the lines of the year: "I've got a route in every city."

A highlight of the D. Rogers' residency at the Builders Arms is the punters suggesting a cover for Dave to perform the following week. Last week's winner was Dr Dre's The Next Episode, which Dre Rogers will be performing tomorrow night (Thursday).

We love a good list, especially when it helps promote Australian music. Triple J has launched a public vote to find the Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time. To kick things off, the network issued an "industry list", drawn from the 175 votes of station presenters, industry people and band members. Coming in at number one is The Avalanches' 2000 album, Since I Left You. Word is the follow-up will finally be released early next year. Midnight Oil's Diesel and Dust - which took top spot in last year's book The 100 Best Australian Albums - is at seven on the Triple J list, while Howzat!'s pick, Skyhooks' Living In The 70s, is at 100. Controversially, the industry list includes just four female singers - Sarah Blasko, Sia, Kylie and Magic Dirt, with Sarah's As Day Follows Night leading the way at 31. Public voting for the Triple J list concludes on June 26.

Congratulations to Howzat!'s favourite Adelaide artist, Myles Mayo, the proud dad of a son named Oscar, who was a whopping nine pounds 13 ounces. "Wow, what a day," Myles said, "no one can prepare someone for that." Myles returns to Melbourne to support Micah P Hinson at the Toff on June 30.

We're nearly halfway through 2011 and just two local releases have reached the Top 10 - Guy Sebastian's Who's That Girl and Havana Brown's We Run The Night.

We Run The Night HAVANA BROWN (number seven)
From The Music THE POTBELLEEZ (22)

The Seeker Lover Keeper supergroup has the week's highest new entry, arriving at three.

Seeker Lover Keeper SEEKER LOVER KEEPER (number three, debut)
Aphrodite KYLIE MINOGUE (14)
Future Primitive THE VINES (24, debut)
Destination Now THE POTBELLEEZ (26)
Rrakala GURRUMUL (27)
Midnight Remember LITTLE RED (35)
The Life of Riley DRAPHT (37)

Remember To Breathe JAIME ROBBIE REYNE
Leave The Party MYLES MAYO
Buyer's Remorse D. ROGERS

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