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Please note: Tindeck, the website I use to host my interviews, closed down on August 1st 2018 and all files have been deleted. I am looking for a new hosting website. If you know of an audio hosting website that is similar to Tindeck please let me know about it rock_gods2000@yahoo.com.au

The following are my most recent interviews uploaded to DropBox

On this page are audio recording of interviews I've conducted on 979fm. They can be either downloaded or streamed. For a full list of who I've interviewed over the years click here

Aints, the: Ed Kuepper (2019)
Badloves, the: Michael Spiby (2021)
Beasts, the: Charlie Owen (2019)
Ben Birchall (2018)
Black Skeleton, the: Quinn Gardener-Kane (2023)
Boom Crash Opera: Dale Ryder (2019)
Chain: Phil Manning (2019)
Chela (2019)
Cookin' On 3 Burners: Jake Mason (2019)
Darren Middleton (2018)
Datura4: Dom Mariani (2022)
Emma Donovan (2020)
Foxton Kings: Alex Barker (2019)
Gena Rose Bruce (2018)
Hard-Ons: Ray Ahn (2019)
Hoodoo Gurus: Dave Faulkner (2022)
Jaguar Jonze (2020)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2018)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2019)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2020)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2021)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2022)
Jeff Jenkins (journalist) (2023)
K&R (includes live performance)
Kevin Borich (2022)
Kim Salmon (2019)
Nat Vazer (2023)
Paulie Stewart (Painters And Dockers, Dili Allstars) (2019)
Ross Wilson (2020)
Stu Thomas (The Stu Thomas Paradox and Kim Salmon & The Surrealist) (2020)
Sunnyboys: Richard Burgman (2020)

Live performances on "Living In The Land Of Oz"

Dallas Frasca, April 2012
1 All My Love
2 Birds Of Wisdom
3 Ain't No

The Jane Austen Argument, June 2011
1 Under The Rainbow
2 Reunion Song
3 Silver Suit
4 Coolest Kid On Lygon Street

Kira Puru & The Bruise, October 2011
1 When All Your Love Is Not Enough
2 What's It Gonna Be
3 Dontcha

Stonefield, January 2012
1 Blackwater Rising
2 Through The Clover

Valentiine, May 2011
1 Kick It
2 Never Forget You
3 Finch



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