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Journalist Jeff Jenkins' weekly column featuring Australian music news, interviews, a look at the charts and more. Updated every Tuesday night around 10pm. Click here for the archive page.

Jeff is a semi-regular guest on The Australian Mood with Neil Rogers, 8-10pm Thursdays on 3RRR in Melbourne
and Evenings with Lindy Burns 7-10pm weeknights on ABC 774 Melbourne

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August 16th 2017

Where would the Melbourne music scene be without Davey Lane and Ashley Naylor? They're the hardest-working men in showbiz, the human jukeboxes, the go-to guys when a band needs a great guitarist. Of course, Davey is an integral member of You Am I and he's also played with Crowded House, The Masters Apprentices, Jimmy Barnes and The Saints. But Davey is more than just a sensational sideman. Just check out his solo albums, 2014's Atonally Young and I'm Gonna Burn Out Bright, which he's launching at the Gasometer on Friday. Davey's life changed when his dad brought home a copy of Sgt. Pepper's when Davey was just six or seven years old. "I didn't realise that music could be so colourful and kaleidoscopic," Davey recently told Clare Bowditch on ABC radio. Though he looks like a rock star, Davey says he was "super awkward, an introverted nerd" at school. "I twigged that my obsession with music was a way I could communicate with people." Kaleidoscopic is a great word to describe Davey's music. He makes grand, eloquent, joyous pop. Think ELO, Queen and The Beatles. The lyrics, however, reflect a darker side. "I was going through times of questioning one's own existence," Davey reveals. "One of my biggest failings as a human being is my inability to communicate. I feel I can put into a song things I can't put in the spoken or written word."

Howzat! has long been saying that Tony Cohen should be in the ARIA Hall of Fame. As Nick Cave remarked after Tony's passing, he's a "national treasure". A highlight of working on Molly Meldrum's life story was interviewing Tony, a kind-hearted, generous and entertaining soul. "I learned a lot from Molly," Tony told me. "It was one of the best educations you could get, and I'm not just talking about recording. I loved Molly's unforced imagination." You could say the same about Tony. A label should release a Tony Cohen compilation - it would tell the story of Australian alternative rock.

Happy Birthday to INXS - they did their first gig 40 years ago today (16 Aug), playing at Tim Farriss' 20th birthday party. And 25 years ago this week, INXS scored their first number one album in the UK with the underrated Welcome To Wherever You Are.

"Let the lovers love" - Sand Pebbles, Lovers' Love.

Just one Aussie single in the national Top 30.

Fallin' JESSICA MAUBOY (number 21)
Waves DEAN LEWIS (34)
Lay It On Me VANCE JOY (36)

A Top 10 debut for Sydney duo Boo Seeka.

Never Too Soon BOO SEEKA (number eight, debut)
Killer DAN SULTAN (13)
Count On Me JUDAH KELLY (18)
Perennial VERA BLUE (24)
Beautiful - A Tribute To Carole King VARIOUS ARTISTS (31)
Wish You Were Here THE TEN TENORS (34)
Low Blows MEG MAC (36)
Our Backyard TRAVIS COLLINS & AMBER LAWRENCE (40, debut)

Biggest Star DAVEY LANE
Every Day's The Weekend ALEX LAHEY
Across The Wire DAN FLYNN

Contacting Jeff: If you need to contact Jeff Jenkins you can email me (Lee-Roy) at
and I'll forward the email onto Jeff

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