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Journalist Jeff Jenkins' weekly column featuring Australian music news, interviews, a look at the charts and more. Updated every Sunday afternoon. Click here for the archive page.

Jeff is a semi-regular guest on The Australian Mood with Neil Rogers, 8-10pm Thursdays on 3RRR in Melbourne

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March 26th 2023

This week in 1966, Billy Thorpe started hosting his own music show on Channel Seven in Sydney called It’s All Happening!

AC/DC made their UK live debut, playing at The Red Cow in Hammersmith, London, this week in 1976.

Red Symons’ replacement, Bob Spencer, did his first gig with Skyhooks, this week in 1977, at a surfing contest in Phillip Island. Shirley Strachan introduced him: “He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he’s into the ecology and he’s a shit-hot little c%$#.”

Sherbet and Percy Grainger were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame this week in 1990. And Kylie Minogue received an Outstanding Achievement Award.

Men At Work were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame this week in 1994. You Am I’s Sound As Ever won the new category, Best Alternative Release.

Silverchair released their debut album, Frogstomp, this week in 1995. It entered the Australian charts at number one and later became the first Australian album since INXS’ X to hit the US Top 10.

Silverchair released their fifth album, Young Modern, this week in2007. It debuted at number one in Australia – Silverchair were the first Australian band to have five number one albums. The album peaked at 70 in the US.

Silverchair released their fourth album, Diorama, this week in 2002 (and started spelling their name with a capital S). The album peaked at number one in Australia and 91 in the US.

Jet were grounded this week in 2012, issuing a statement on their website: “After many successful years of writing, recording and touring we wish to announce our discontinuation as a group. From the many pubs, theatres, stadiums and festivals all across the world it was the fans that made our amazing story possible and we wish to thank them all. Thank you, and goodnight.” They re-formed in 2016.

Five years ago this week, Ross Wilson appeared in an episode of Neighbours, playing himself. He had a memorable exchange with Paige, played by his real-life step-daughter Olympia Valance, who told the rocker: “I am so sorry, I actually didn’t know who you were … so I don’t know any of your songs. No offence.” “None taken,” Ross replied. “My own kids don’t even know my songs.”

Happy Birthday to Andrew Farriss who is 64 on March 27. Debra Byrne is 66 on March 30. Angus Young is 68 on March 31. And John Butler is 48 on April 1.

And we remember Crowded House drummer Paul Hester who died, aged 46, this week in 2005. Rose Tattoo’s Pete Wells died of prostate cancer, aged 59, this week in 2006. And Chocolate Starfish guitarist Zoran Romic died of cancer, aged 47, this week in 2012.


Still just two homegrown hits in ARIA’s Top 40.

Love Again THE KID LAROI (number 29)

A vinyl release sees Ocean Alley’s second album, Chiaroscuro – originally released in 2018 – return to the charts to become the only Aussie album in the Top 40.

Chiaroscuro OCEAN ALLEY (number 32)


Don’t Miss A Good Thing MICHAEL MEEKING
Broke Scene GORDI




Contacting Jeff: If you need to contact Jeff Jenkins you can email me (Lee-Roy) at
and I'll forward the email onto Jeff

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