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Howzat! Archive - September 7th 2016

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Howzat!'s first question for Pat Monaghan is simple: Opening a record store in 2016 - are you nuts? "No, definitely not nuts," Pat laughs. "Passionate about music and Australian music in particular? Without a doubt." In this era of downloads and streaming it's great to find a new physical destination for music lovers. Pat has opened Rocksteady Records in the city. As the name suggests, Rocksteady is already selling a lot of reggae, though all genres are covered. "I have been using the expression 'Rocksteady' for years as both a verb and a noun," Pat says. "It continues to work on every level." Pat is not surprised by the vinyl revival. "I think I was more shocked by the way in which people were actively encouraged/bullied into turning their backs on vinyl." Dominated by vinyl and with a delightful retro vibe, Rocksteady reminds Howzat! of that encounter in High Fidelity when the customer asks Rob, "Do you have soul?". Rob replies, "That all depends." Pat has soul. He's been on a vinyl trip since he bought his first record - the soundtrack to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for $4.99 in Port Hedland when he was seven. His first job in record retail was at Perth's Dada Records ("It's still there and still inspiring") and he recently completed a long stint at Melbourne's Basement Discs, where he became famous as the in-store MC. Will there be in-stores at Rocksteady? "Absolutely," he says. The great thing about record retail is the personal interaction. You don't get that from a streaming service. We asked Pat a few questions: After a long, hard day, you go home and put on "Something loud and often abrasive. Usually followed by The Congos' Heart Of The Congos or Andy Stott's Luxury Problems on LP." Your three favourite Aussie albums so far this year? "The Avalanches' Wildflower, Luke Howard's Two Places and Closet Straights' self-titled album." And Pat's all-time favourite album cover? "Today it's Tom Waits' Swordfishtrombones." Of course, not every encounter goes to plan. Pat fondly recalls one phone call: "I heard a song on the radio the other day, have you got it?" the customer asked. "Ah, who was it by?" Pat replied. "Frank Zappa, mate." "What was the song called?" "Don't know, mate. That's why I'm phoning you." "Do you remember any of the lyrics? The chorus maybe?" "Nah, it's an instrumental - plenty of guitar, though." "Um, did you catch the name of the album?" "Look mate, you're supposed to be the fucking expert - stop wasting my time!" And the customer hung up. Don't call Pat - visit him at Rocksteady. Howzat! loved the experience.

The legendary Models - Sean Kelly, Andrew Duffield, Mark Ferrie and Ash Davies - are playing at Memo Music Hall on Friday.

"I cover up my ears, so I cannot hear the voices of hate and the voices of fear" - Archie Roach, Let Love Rule.

No new homegrown hits in this week's Top 40.

Papercuts ILLY FEATURING VERA BLUE (number five)
I Love You Always Forever BETTY WHO (six)
In My Blood THE VERONICAS (25)
Say It FLUME (29)
Cheap Thrills SIA (30)

A Top 5 debut for Troy Cassar-Daley.

Things I Carry Around TROY CASSAR-DALEY (number five, debut)
Outlier TWELVE FOOT NINJA (six, debut)
This Sporting Life ROY & HG (eight)
Gimme Some Lovin': Jukebox Vol II HUMAN NATURE (nine)
His Favourite Collection JOHN WILLIAMSON (13)
This Could Be Heartbreak THE AMITY AFFLICTION (14)
Ripcord KEITH URBAN (16)
Time To Rock 'n' Roll: The Anthology OL' 55 (21, debut)
Active Galactic THE DELTA RIGGS (22, debut)
Seven Mirrors DRAPHT (24)
Wings Of The Wild DELTA GOODREM (26)
The Best Of THE WIGGLES (28)
50 Best Songs PLAY SCHOOL (30)
Wildflower THE AVALANCHES (31)
Skin FLUME (33)
Every Night The Same Dream BALL PARK MUSIC (34)
Famous Friends (Celebrating 50 Years) PLAY SCHOOL (37)
Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung HILLTOP HOODS (39)

We're Foolish Things GEORGIA FIELDS
Wasting Time FELIX RIEBL
Breakin' Outta Hell AIRBOURNE

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