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Howzat! Archive - December 5th 2012

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The Mavis's were one of Howzat!'s favourite '90s bands. We dug the male/female dynamic and the quirky electro pop thrills. They were what ABBA would have sounded like if they'd grown up in Ballarat. The Mavis's were fronted by siblings Matt and Beki Thomas. Beki is now known as Beki Colada and based in America. She's just released a solo single, Broken Heart Attack (on iTunes), and it's a cracker. It's both summery and sad, melancholic and magical. Beki sings of "diving in head-first, like I always do". It's a song about long-distance love, with a happy ending. The song concludes, "I always will love you." And it's a true story - Beki married the guy. "This is one of my favorite songs that Nik [Daniel] and I have written," Beki says, "and it still makes me cry."

"Life here [in Hollywood] is wonderful," Beki tells Howzat! "I was living in New York for two years, which was an amazingly creative and a crazy-fun experience, but after a while, I was craving sunshine and palm trees and more space. And my husband is LA-born and bred, so we have family here. We live in an area where there are lots of musicians and artists, so it's really cool. Best Mexican and Thai food, too!" Is Beki's hubby also a musician? "He's my toyboy pool cleaner," she chuckles. What does Beki miss most about Melbourne? "My family and friends. I also miss the festiveness of St Kilda and the city, how everyone eats and drinks outside, European-style. There are not many places like that here."

Beki is planning to visit Melbourne early next year, to make an EP with her brother. "We'll most likely do some acoustic shows, too - I need to get a fix of singing those sibling harmonies." Is Beki working towards a solo album? "Yep, a collection of songs with various producers and writers. It's going to be a colourful mixed bag, like me!" She's also writing with other artists, including a couple of songs on LA-based Aussie pop starlet CC's new album, Girl Scout, which is being produced by No Doubt's Stephen Bradley. "It's really cool." Finally, is there any significance to the tattoo on Beki's arm? "I just have a thing for flamingos and pink hair," she laughs. "They are pink and elegant. I had the tattoo artist trace my flamingo earring for the design."

The event way exceeded its overseas quota. The Hobbit? An Unexpected Journey to the ARIAs Good line from 360: "It's time to get some bigger microphones, because this is bullshit!" Missy Higgins looked like Jessica Alba; Kimbra looked like Jacki MacDonald. The Jezabels remind of Pat Benatar Has anyone seen The Temper Trap's singer Dougy and Ketut in the same room? Peter Garrett's dance moves are a little rusty, but it was great to see him back on stage Kimbra's fifth win from seven nominations - how pissed off would Vanessa Amorosi be (12 noms, no wins) The ARIAs need some genuine controversy Best International Artist: One Direction beat Adele and Coldplay? It should be Most Popular It would be nice if the crowd got as excited about local acts as they did about Taylor Swift.

Georgia Fields and Dan Lethbridge are doing a special double-header at the Northcote Social Club on Sunday afternoon, launching the videos for their new singles, Snakes and Ladders and Saturday Night Fever. Georgia, busy working on the follow-up to her 2010 self-titled debut, tells Howzat!: "The second album is coming along much the same way as the first - slowly! As an independent artist, funding is always an issue. I also want to make the right studio choice, because recording live to tape is a huge priority, as is having all the musicians in the same room, as is having the right piano. And then I've got to find the time amongst everyone's touring and recording schedules." The album should land some time in 2013. "With my first record, I found the slow pace bitterly frustrating, but, in retrospect, the time spent was actually imperative. So I'm hoping the same for this album." Georgia describes her new sound as "disco pagan" - "I want the interplay of dirt and glitter, earth and sky, chaos and casios. Bowie has been frequenting the turntable." Speaking of Bowie, Georgia is covering Ziggy Stardust for Pure Pop's Summer of Classic Albums (on 10 February).

Samantha Jade spends just one week on top.

What You've Done To Me SAMANTHA JADE (number two)
Get Along GUY SEBASTIAN (five)
Surrender THE COLLECTIVE (six, debut)
Battle Scars GUY SEBASTIAN (23)
Party Bass BOMBS AWAY (34)
Rock Star REECE MASTIN (38)
Thunderstruck AC/DC (39)

Armageddon it - Guy Sebastian leaps from four to one, to score his first number one album in nine years.

Armageddon GUY SEBASTIAN (number one)
Live At River Plate AC/DC (14)
Child Of The Universe DELTA GOODREM (15)
San Cisco SAN CISCO (17, debut)
The Rubens THE RUBENS (19)
Flume FLUME (21)
The Sapphires SOUNDTRACK (24)
The Golden Jubilee Album THE SEEKERS (31, debut)
Beautiful Nightmare REECE MASTIN (32)
Lonerism TAME IMPALA (33)

Broken Heart Attack BEKI COLADA
Saturday Night Fever DAN LETHBRIDGE
Snakes and Ladders GEORGIA FIELDS

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