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Howzat! Archive - August 4th 2010

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Skybombers' debut album was called Take Me To Town. It took them to 38 US states, as well as London, Japan and New Zealand. "You'd be amazed how different tap water can taste," smiles singer Hugh Gurney. The Melbourne guys also got to party with the Foo Fighters in NZ, and they met Slash after playing at the Viper Room. What's it like playing at the infamous LA venue? "It's not really that different from a normal gig. It's quite small, so the main thing is just to forget what it's called and remember not to make any River Phoenix jokes." Two years after their debut, Skybombers are back with Love Me Like You Used To Do, the first single from their upcoming second album, which they again made in LA with producer Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club). The song, a glorious slice of infectious rock, is getting some MMM radio action, as Skybombers gear up for four Sundays at Pure Pop, starting on August 8. What's been Hugh's favourite description of the band? "I had a lot of fun translating Japanese reviews into English with an online translator. Stuff like, 'Band of Rock Skybombers bring guitar power at ear levels that break drums.'" So how is the new album different to the debut? "It's a lot more diverse. The first album was 90 per cent 19-year-olds playing punk rock. This album has Irish ditties, murder ballads, sea shanties and delta blues. There are plenty of lovely organs, real strings, Spanish percussion and honky-tonk piano sounds." The album, Black Carousel, will be out in October through FUR Records.

How good is the new Dan Kelly album?! A great album can take you anywhere and everywhere, and Dan Kelly's Dream is a fantastic flight of fancy. A record of reverie and twisted tales.

Plenty of leg warmers will be walking the red carpet on Friday at Elsternwick's Classic Cinema, with the sneak preview of Ricky! - The Movie, a mockumentary that tells the tale of '80s one hit wonder Ricky T (with cameos by Ross Wilson, Gavin Wood and Dave O'Neil). We put Ricky in the Howzat! hotseat to ask him two probing questions:

Aside from himself, who's his favourite Aussie one hit wonder?
"Karen Knowles' Why Won't You Explain - brilliant song about society's confusion with the ABC meteorology department in the '80s."

And which Aussie band would Ricky most like to see re-form?
"The Birthday Party, because it's such a happy-sounding band, and I reckon there are too many negative, dark bands around these days."

Howzat! is very disappointed that after five great years in Melbourne, the ARIA Hall of Fame is relocating to Sydney (at the Hordern Pavilion on October 27). Howzat! is happy for Sydney to host the ARIA Awards (November 7 this year) because that is the home of the music business, but the heart of the industry is in Melbourne. The incoming Music Victoria CEO Patrick Donovan has got plenty on his plate, but we would love to see him get the Hall of Fame back to Melbourne, where the music industry and the state government should also establish an actual Hall of Fame, a place that music fans can visit and celebrate Australia's music heritage.

When Mondo Rock are inducted, Ross Wilson will be our first triple Hall of Famer - he's already in the Hall solo and with Daddy Cool. Ross still knows how to pull a crowd. His album launch at the Toff last week was filled with pretty girls and rock stars (including Daryl Braithwaite, Mike Rudd and Bongo Starkie). Ross remains relevant, proudly stating that he's the only local artist in his 60s (he turns 63 in November) getting commercial radio play with new material. He's constantly updating his repertoire (working ice into Mighty Kong's Hard Drugs, and giving Kevin Rudd a mention in his cover of Ego Is Not A Dirty Word), and his new album, I Come In Peace, is a cracker.

Michael Paynter finally scores his first Top 40 hit, with Love The Fall rising to number 33. Michael, who's been compared to John Farnham and Rick Price, has some famous friends - The Veronicas pop up on the single and appear in the video, while Cats star Gary Ablett was in the crowd at his recent Corner show (though he's thanked on the EP as "Gary Abeltt").

We No Speak Americano YOLANDA BE COOL (number 17)
All The Lovers KYLIE MINOGUE (29)
Love The Fall MICHAEL PAYNTER (33, debut)
Mousetrap Heart THIRSTY MERC (38)
Baby, I'm Getting' Better GYROSCOPE (39)

Kylie spends a third week at number two, still unable to knock off Eminem.

Aphrodite KYLIE MINOGUE (number two)
Down The Way ANGUS & JULIA STONE (seven)
A Beautiful Exchange HILLSONG LIVE (11)
Basement Birds BASEMENT BIRDS (12, debut)
Cinema THE CAT EMPIRE (16)
Immersion PENDULUM (19)
Restless AMY MEREDITH (22)
Deep Blue PARKWAY DRIVE (24)
We Are Born SIA (28)
April Uprising THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO (32)
Iron Man 2 AC/DC (38)
Mousetrap Heart THIRSTY MERC (39)

Love Me Like You Used To Do SKYBOMBERS
Dan Kelly's Dream DAN KELLY
Always Coming Down CORDRAZINE

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