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Howzat! Archive - May 30th 2012

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Thirty-five years ago, The Ferrets topped the charts with their Molly Meldrum-produced single Don't Fall In Love. Guitarist Dave Springfield (aka Dave Schofield) fell in love with band mate Jane Miller, sister of lead singer Billy Miller, and they had a daughter named Georgia. Now, Georgia Fields has co-produced her dad's new solo album, Two Days, released under the name JD Love. It's a bluesy album about love, opening with a song called Love Made A Fool Out Of Me, and also including Love Is A Train.

"Playing music is something dad and I have always done together," Georgia says, "so recording was a natural progression. We used to make tape recordings on a cassette player when I was about nine, singing old country songs in fifths. So when we went into Atlantis to record his songs last year, it was just like that - except with a bigger tape machine and a stellar band."

"Georgia recommended the studio and the engineer," Dave explains, "found the players, blocked out the work to be done, got everyone there at the right times, found and played the right percussion instruments, played autoharp and kept the work moving along. She is a great pianist, fabulous singer and an accomplished orchestral arranger. When it came to fine-tuning the arrangements, we just did our natural thing. It was fast." Any arguments in the studio? "No, we don't argue much about anything any more," Dave says. "Sometimes it's like we have the same mind and we both know where it's going."

"We share a lot of the same influences," Georgia adds, "Motown, Beatles, Beach Boys, though dad leans more towards the country side than I do. We tend to disagree on issues involving the production of modern pop music, but it's good to be able to wrestle and argue on different genres. We're both very opinionated, but we have similar approaches to music - it should be fun and about the performance." What's Georgia's favourite Ferrets song? "Probably Janie May, named after my mother. It's got some really sweet melodic changes, and the imagery used to perplex me as a child: 'Inside a shallow trench/ On a misty field/ Hastily running away/ Lie in the water/ Stand on the gates and jump.'"

Georgia is busy working on her second album, but no doubt she'll pop up playing with her dad at his Melbourne gigs this week: tonight (Wednesday) at the Clifton Hill Hotel, and Sunday at 4pm at Pure Pop, where you can also find vinyl copies of Two Days.

Howzat!'s good buddy Chris Hollow from the Sand Pebbles points out that blind Voice contestant Rachael Leahcar might be the greatest palindromic pop star ever. Her name reads the same forwards and backwards. Rachael should continue the palindromic theme by covering ABBA's SOS.

The video for Lo-Fi, the first single from Sophie Koh's third album, Oh My Garden (out in July), was fun and flippant, shot at Piedimonte's supermarket in North Fitzroy. Her new video, for I Understand, is much more intense. "This clip was a test of my endurance," Sophie smiles. It was a 16-hour shoot, even though the clip features just Sophie's face. The directors, Lily Coates and Gavin Youngs from The Apiary, explain: "Rather than having Sophie act it out, we subjected her to the effects of gravity - strapping her to a purpose built gimbal (rotating machine), and letting the blood rush to her face as she turned upside down. She was very brave. What at first seemed like a simple concept, quickly revealed itself to be a major exercise in mathematics and human fortitude. With a 500kg tank of water, an eight-foot steel gimbal, and a singer understandably unaccustomed to being submerged upside down in water it was a very intense shoot." The video can be seen at YouTube (along with a remarkable behind-the-scenes clip), while Sophie launches the single this Thursday at the Toff, with Eliza Hull.

The Radio Festival is over, but you can still subscribe to PBS - head to

A whopping 14 Aussie hits in the Top 40 - thanks to The Voice.

Different Worlds BRITTANY CAIRNS (number seven, debut)
Sitting On Top Of The World DELTA GOODREM (10)
Nothing's Real But Love KARISE EDEN (11)
Wherever I Lay My Hat DARREN PERCIVAL (12, debut)
Listen SARAH DE BONO (13, debut)
Into The Flame EP MATT CORBY (20)
Love On Top DIANA ROUVAS (22, debut)
Do It Like That RICKI-LEE (24)
Forever Young LAKYN HEPERI (26, debut)
Child 360 (28)
If Looks Could Kill TIMOMATIC (29)
Shut Up & Kiss Me REECE MASTIN (31)
Lego House BEN HAZLEWOOD (35, debut)

The Temper Trap score their first number one album.

The Temper Trap THE TEMPER TRAP (number one, debut)
The Story So Far KEITH URBAN (four)
Two Worlds Collide THE McCLYMONTS (seven, debut)
Falling & Flying 360 (17)
Don't Funk With Me ALSTON (18)
Drinking From The Sun HILLTOP HOODS (19)
Foundations THE MEDICS (29, debut)
Vows KIMBRA (33)
It's Never Too Late ANDREW WISHART (36)

Since You're Gone JD LOVE
I Understand SOPHIE KOH

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