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Howzat! Archive - June 28th 2017

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"Speak up, my friend, the time to be heard is now." The line leaps out of Tempus Sun's debut single, Owls. It's a song about mental health and the importance of speaking about your struggles, but the line could also be applied to the band who have been on the fast track since winning last year's Melbourne Music Bank competition. Keyboards player and singer Grant Hardisty explains that "the owl represents the shadow of depression and how it can follow you everywhere. The song encourages people to reach out for help when they need it. It doesn't just represent depression, but many daily stressors that we can all face." Wikipedia informs us that Tempus is a Latin word for "time", and a Finnish, Swedish and German word meaning "grammatical tense". It's also a Superman villain, a demon in Charmed, a Dungeons & Dragons deity, and a musical term. So what inspired the band name? "I think out of all those we'll take the Superman villain - we'd be fairly happy to mislead people on that one," Grant laughs. "But the name actually came about when our resident drunk, Ed [guitarist Ed Borromeo], was drinking a bottle of wine named 'Tempus Two' and decided to use it as inspiration. We tweaked it a little and, fittingly, it does also refer to time and tempo within music." Tempus Sun are blazing their own trail with their emotional, euphoric rock - launching Owls at The Toff in Town on 30 June - but they also dig Boy & Bear. Grant loves a line in the band's Big Man: "If failure don't hurt, then failure don't work no more." "I love this lesson, and it's something I take with me everywhere to keep perspective."

Howzat! was lucky enough to write the foreword for the new edition of Ian McFarlane's magnum opus The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop. We posed this question: "Why didn't Died Pretty become as big as R.E.M?" Died Pretty are much loved, but haven't got the attention they deserve. Died Pretty and Radio Birdman are playing at the Croxton on Friday and Saturday.

Happy Birthday to The Go-Betweens' Robert Forster, who turns 60 on 29 June. He shares a birthday with Colin Hay, who's 64.

"Wherever I go, the owl and me, but that's not what the world will see/ I think it has a hold of me" - Tempus Sun, Owls.

No homegrown hits in the national Top 20.

Waves DEAN LEWIS (number 21)
Moments BLISS N ESO (39)

And Hillsong United have the only local entry in the Top 20 on the albums chart.

Wonder HILLSONG UNITED (number seven)
Off The Grid BLISS N ESO (22)
The Great Country Songbook Vol II ADAM HARVEY & BECCY COLE (23)
Camacho PETE MURRAY (27)
Ripcord KEITH URBAN (33)

Running Second AINSLIE WILLS
Her Wicked Ways TIM WHEATLEY
Every Little Sting HELEN SHANAHAN
I'll Forget Yr Name DAVEY LANE

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