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Howzat! Archive - March 23rd 2011

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Howzat! is at The Gaslight Anthem/Social Distortion gig with a mate, bemoaning the fact there are not enough local bands like 'em. "I don't know what it is," my mate says, "we have a lot of really heavy bands, but not enough bands who are just making radio-ready rock. Maybe they're too worried about the 'cool factor'."

Enter Boy In A Box's new single, Glitter, Gold, Ruin. As the ad says, it's not too heavy, not too light and they're as cool as fuck. A radio friend said the song reminded her of My Sharona - "as soon as I heard it, I thought, 'This is a hit!'" Another mate thought of the Sex Pistols, while Boy In A Box have already copped plenty of Clash and Springsteen comparisons. "As soon as you sing in full voice with a bit of attitude and a fast beat everyone pulls out the Springsteen/Clash card," singer Tij Priddle smiles.

It's an intriguing name: Boy In A Box. "I wanted something that could be used for either a band or a solo name," Tij explains. "I wanted to keep my options open." So is it a band or a solo project? "Well, it all started with me writing Moon Comes Up for a charity called Blue September, who raise awareness for prostate cancer. I had no intention of starting a band or doing any solo work. I was taking a break." But the song became a JJJ fave, leading to demand for shows. "I did my first couple of gigs as a solo project with the help of some mates from other bands. Since then, I've recruited old friends from back home on the Central Coast and it's turned into the band. I guess everything kind of happened backwards." Boy In A Box have one more Tuesday night at the Northcote Social Club before heading on tour with British India.

Tij moved to Melbourne from NSW. He came to town to build a studio for Barry Palmer, who later signed him to his company, Gigantically Small. "My last band, The Inheritors, were on a bill with one of Barry's bands, Dash & Will, in October 2008," Tij recalls. "We made friends with the girls and stayed in contact." Tij started dating Will (real name Josie) in June '09 and relocated to Melbourne that Christmas. He's now a proud Melburnian, "but I have to be completely honest - I'm not really into football." Huh? "I was told when I first moved to Melbourne that I had to start following a team. Josie barracks for St Kilda, so I guess that's my team. On ya, St Kilda! See, I'm a natural."

The glitter, the gold and the ruin what does Tij want from his music career? "I want a career that doesn't just go crazy for one single and then drop off; one with no expiry date and opens up doors into the world of producing and writing for other people. But I realise that in this day and age that's close to impossible. But maybe not."

It could have been called the Starthouse because so many bands have played their first gigs at The Arthouse. The calling of last drinks at the legendary venue - the final shows are in April - is just as devastating as The Tote closing last year. More in Howzat! soon.

It's been quite a year for settling scores through song. Nic Dalton took a shot at two old colleagues in Okay Sydney, You Beat Me, a track on his underrated gem, Play All Night. He sings: "And [Martin] Fabinyi stole 100 grand off me, welcome Nic to the music industry Made up the name for the Somersault festival, but then Steven [Pavlovic] wouldn't put my name on the door." The Casanovas have now unleashed a savage single called The Most Hated Man In Melbourne. "Our hearts were full of trust in those puppy dog eyes, we never thought him capable of all those lies," singer Tommy Boyce spits. "He waved a bag of cocaine and we danced to his tune Well, we just got screwed by the most hated man in Melbourne." They're not naming names, but Tommy reveals, "The song was inspired by a horrible ordeal we went through with someone who used to work for us a few years back. The words and music just kind of poured out all at once. Fortunately, by the time we wrote it, we were able to look at the situation more objectively and have a laugh about it. So although it may sound pretty angry, it was actually more a source of amusement by then." The Casanovas are launching The Most Hated Man In Melbourne at the Northcote Social Club on April 24.

Still no homegrown hits in the national Top 20 - for the fifth week in a row.

What Happened To Us JESSICA MAUBOY (number 30)
Friday To Sunday JUSTICE CREW (32)
Who's That Girl GUY SEBASTIAN (37)

Just one Aussie album in the Top 10.

Temptation THE WAIFS (number six)
The Experiment ART VS. SCIENCE (16)
Down The Way ANGUS & JULIA STONE (19)
Birds Of Tokyo BIRDS OF TOKYO (28)
Running On Air BLISS N ESO (29)
Twenty Ten GUY SEBASTIAN (32)
Great Barrier Grief OH MERCY (36)
Immersion PENDULUM (38)
Listen Here JASMINE RAE (39)

Glitter, Gold, Ruin BOY IN A BOX
Better Than Leaving TENIELLE
Okay Sydney, You Beat Me NIC DALTON
Downlow WAGONS
The Most Hated Man In Melbourne THE CASANOVAS

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