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Howzat! Archive - October 22nd 2014

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The Solicitors are the best-dressed band in town, sporting suave suits and sneakers. All four members don't have to wear suits to their day jobs - they save them for gigs. "Collectively, we own a lot of suits," singer Lee Jones explains. "We all dressed smartly anyway, so the image kind of preceded the band. We picked 'The Solicitors' because we liked the name. It only dawned on us recently that certain people think we are dressed as solicitors. None of our day jobs are in the legal profession." The Solicitors' power pop is as sharp as their suits. As the Sydney Morning Herald's Bernard Zuel noted, "It's a simple arrangement but it works." When Howzat! catches up with Lee, we ask his verdict on the new Weezer album. "Contrary to popular belief, we're not actually big Weezer fans," he reveals. "I mean, they are great, but they've never been a big influence on us. Perhaps they just listen to the same records we do. I haven't got the new album, but I've heard Back To The Shack a few times, which has a great sound, as always, and a nice sentiment, but the lyrics are a bit 'dad-rock'." Asked their favourite songwriters, The Solicitors list Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe and Ray Davies. Fans of those artists will dig the band's debut album, Blank Check, which they're launching at the Gasometer on Saturday, 25 Oct. The closing cut is called Goodbye, but you get the feeling this is just the start for The Solicitors. Three songs were produced by local power pop king John Baxter (Five Mile Sniper, Prettymess, Holocene, Alcotomic). "Originally, he was duped into working with us for free by our label guy Scott [Thurling of Popboomerang Records]. Something about a very old - and probably expired - favour for studio time that was called in. We had a lovely time, so we did some more sessions so he wasn't exclusively pro bono on the record."

The redoubtable Red Smith has a classic country outfit called Lot 56, who are launching their new album, Double Barrel Twist, at the Lomond Hotel on Sunday, 26 Oct at 5.30pm. How can you not love an album that opens with a song called Six Games On A Saturday?

Fifty-five years ago this week, the great Johnny O'Keefe flew to the US for his first American tour. Calling himself "Australia's first teenage ambassador", J O'K's words still ring true: "Australia has a great lot of talent - we have artists as good as the best Americans. All we need to do is show them."

Lovely quote from Tim Rogers to promote Dan Warner's new album, Fall Into The Sky: "Dan's at the top of my hero list. Tough, tender, wistful and wry, often all in the same verse." Dan is launching the album - his first in six years - at The Kelvin Club on Friday, 24 Oct.

"Out of your sleep and into your dream" - Lanie Lane, La Loba.

The Veronicas slip to number two after three weeks on top.

You Ruin Me THE VERONICAS (number two)
Freaks TIMMY TRUMPET (five)
Live Louder NATHANIEL (seven)
Take Me Over PEKING DUK (15, debut)
Cosby Sweater HILLTOP HOODS (26, debut)
Amnesia 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER (29)
Black Widow IGGY AZALEA (36)

Triple J's Like A Version debuts at number one.

Triple J's Like A Version, Volume 10 VARIOUS ARTISTS (number one, debut)
Walking Under Stars HILLTOP HOODS (10)
30:30 Hindsight JIMMY BARNES (15)
Burnt Letters TAYLOR HENDERSON (17)
5 Seconds Of Summer 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER (19)
Dream Your Life Away VANCE JOY (23)
The Very Best INXS (24)
Angus & Julia Stone ANGUS & JULIA STONE (28)
Blue Planet Eyes THE PREATURES (31)
Bombs Away SHEPPARD (36)
Dipz Zebazios THE DELTA RIGGS (38, debut)

Young And Foolish BIDDLEWOOD
Small Window LULUC
Six Games On A Saturday LOT 56
Once In A Million Years ROB HIRST

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