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Howzat! Archive - June 21st 2017

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Try listening to Dynamic Hepnotics' Soul Kind Of Feeling and not smile. Yep, it's impossible. Arriving at the peak of pub rock, it sounded unlike any other Aussie band. "I think the Hepnotics did sound a lot different to the other bands on the rock circuit at that time," singer Robert Susz agrees. "Most of the music was punk, new wave or hard pub rock." The Hepnotics were influenced by soul and blues, but they found a happy home in the pubs, playing an average of six nights a week from 1980 to 1987. This story actually starts in high school when Robert had a band with Jonathan Coleman, who would later find fame on Simon Townsend's Wonder World! The Hepnotics formed at Arthur's Bar in Potts Point, where Jono was the resident pianist. "He was never officially in the Hepnotics," Robert explains. "However, he did play at our first gigs - because they were actually his gigs. He called me up because he got booked to play solo piano, and he asked me to sing and play harmonica. After the first gig, I asked if he wanted me to bring a guitarist. Then I got the bass player and then the drummer. So that was the original line-up of the Hepnotics, with Jonathan jamming along with us." Robert's life changed when Soul Kind Of Feeling rocketed into the Top 10 at the end of 1984. He was trying to write a song like Solomon Burke, "but it turned out completely different. I accidentally played a wrong chord while fooling around on the piano - I'm a crap pianist. But it sounded great to me so it became the basis of the tune." It's a love song to music. "Basically, it's about the uplifting feeling you get when you hear some music you love." Did Robert instantly know it was special? "When we played it and recorded it, I thought, yes, it sounds good to me. But I'd had the same feelings before, and since, with tunes that sunk without a trace!" Melbourne was always the Hepnotics' biggest market, where they were championed by RRR's Johnny Topper, who will MC this week's reunion shows at the Memo Music Hall, on 23 & 24 June. Dynamic Hepnotics are launching a live album and DVD, with their classic line-up, minus drummer Robbie Souter, who sadly died of liver failure last month.

Happy Birthday to INXS bass player, Garry Gary Beers, who is 60 on 22 June.

How good is Ainslie Wills' new single, Running Second?!

"I've never been a company man" - Tex, Don & Charlie, What I Am.

Just two Aussie hits in the Top 40.

Waves DEAN LEWIS (number 17)
Moments BLISS N ESO (33)

A Top 5 debut for the new Hillsong album.

Wonder HILLSONG UNITED (number four, debut)
Camacho PETE MURRAY (14)
Ripcord KEITH URBAN (22)
Off The Grid BLISS N ESO (23)
The Very Best INXS (28)
Greatest Hits & Interpretations TINA ARENA (32)
Brutal Dawn BERNARD FANNING (39)

Running Second AINSLIE WILLS
Her Wicked Ways TIM WHEATLEY
Every Little Sting HELEN SHANAHAN
I'll Forget Yr Name DAVEY LANE

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