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Howzat! Archive - September 20th 2017

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Dan Flynn's new album, Ghost Melodies, is aptly titled because these melodies will haunt you. Howzat! had Dan pegged as an earnest folkie, but this record is an enthralling electro excursion. "I guess after eight folk albums I was ready to try something new," says Dan, who started his solo recording career under the name Major Chord. "The acoustic guitar can sometimes feel like just a piece of wood with six strings when you're feeling uninspired, and trying a new instrument can really open things up and get you excited about songwriting again." Dan, a fan of The Cure, Pink Floyd and Radiohead, says he's always loved synthesizers. "I love the fact that you can fiddle with machines that look like they belong in Star Trek and make strange and beautiful sounds." Dan bunkered down in his home studio, making Ghost Melodies alone, at night. It's a true solo album, with Dan playing everything on the record, which he says is "the sound of the inside of my mind". Is there a danger of going a little crazy when you make music on your own? "I always go a little crazy when making an album, whether it's by myself or with other people. I think it's kind of necessary to do so in order to reach into the ether and draw out the songs. Songwriting is a very mysterious pursuit, it involves real magic and you just can't find it unless you're willing to part with some reality." Does Dan have a sounding board, a trusted listener who can comment honestly on his songs? "My wife is chief among them. Literally nothing gets past unless it gets her approval! When you're making music all alone you can certainly lose perspective, but I often think of what Elliott Smith once said: 'If you like it, there's a good chance that others will too.'" Dan is not planning any album gigs - "the songs just exist as they are". Don't miss it.

There aren't many great bands around these days. British India are a great band. They're shooting for their fifth Top 10 album in a row with their sixth album, Forgetting The Future, which is out on Friday.

Nick Cave turns 60 on 22 Sep.

"I know I couldn't need you more than now" - British India, Take Me With You.

Lay It On Me - Vance Joy's latest hit cracks the Top 20, in its ninth week on the charts. It's one of only two homegrown hits in the ARIA Top 40.

Lay It On Me VANCE JOY (number 18)

Anthony Callea scores his third number one album.

ARIA Number 1 Hits In Symphony ANTHONY CALLEA (number one, debut)
Life Is Fine PAUL KELLY (five)
Go Farther In Lightness GANG OF YOUTHS (10)
Happy Hour CATSPLAY (16, debut)
Dream Your Life Away VANCE JOY (17)

Everything He Does DAN FLYNN
Live Like You Mean It! RIFF RAIDERS
In The Grand Scheme Of Things (None Of This Really Matters) CUSTARD

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