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Howzat! Archive - July 20th 2016

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Ross Wilson makes Howzat! laugh when he refers to his latest single, a power-funkin' cover of Johnny O'Keefe's Wild One/Real Wild Child, as "a worthy addition to my somewhat meagre catalogue". Meagre? Ross has a catalogue any artist would kill for. A two-time ARIA Hall of Fame inductee, he's been making music for more than 50 years, and his work has been covered by everyone from John Farnham to Joe Cocker and The Wiggles. We could easily mount an argument that Ross is the greatest Australian artist of all time. But he has never forgotten his roots, as shown by his recent appearance at the Community Cup, "my highlight of the year so far". "I live just up the road from Elsternwick Park and have been at the match as a spectator the last few years," Ross says. "To be asked to play was a great honour. It was also a way of reminding folks that I'm a local bloke. I play out of town more than I do locally and that's something I have decided to redress." Next stop: Ross Wilson & The Peaceniks at Memo Music Hall on Sunday afternoon. Ross never met JO'K, though he'll never forget seeing him for the first time. It was February 1958 and JO'K and the Dee Jays were the opening act on the Festival Hall bill featuring Buddy Holly & The Crickets, Jerry Lee Lewis and Paul Anka. Ross was 10 and this was his first concert. "He [JO'K] was dynamite live and there were wild teen scenes as he did his best to blow his idols off stage. What a role model." All proceeds from Ross's Real Wild Child go to the Community Cup charity, Reclink. Another special new recording is Just Goodbye, the opening track on the Greg Quill tribute album, Some Lonesome Picker. This is the final recording featuring Ross and Ross Hannaford, who died this year. The song is a lovely tribute to both Greg and Hanna. And a lovely surprise for Ross, who didn't know that producer Kerryn Tolhurst had added Hanna's guitar to the track until he got a copy of the album.

Sydney's finest songwriter, Perry Keyes, hits town this week to do a couple of songs on Neil Rogers' The Australian Mood on RRR on Thursday at 8pm, and a gig at Wesley Anne on Saturday.

"Only the good love survives" - Bernard Fanning, Wasting Time.

The Veronicas spend a second week at number one.

In My Blood THE VERONICAS (number one)
Say It FLUME (12)
The Fighter KEITH URBAN (22)
Cheap Thrills SIA (33)
Papercuts ILLY FEATURING VERA BLUE (37, debut)
Never Be Like You FLUME (40)

Since I Left You peaked at number 21 16 years ago. But now The Avalanches finally have a chart-topping album.

Wildflower THE AVALANCHES (number one, debut)
Wings Of The Wild DELTA GOODREM (two)
Ripcord KEITH URBAN (seven)
Of Dirt And Grace - Live From The Land HILLSONG UNITED (eight)
Skin FLUME (14)
50 Best Songs PLAY SCHOOL (17)
The Speed Of Sound IN STEREO (18)
The Best Of THE WIGGLES (19)
Soul Searchin' JIMMY BARNES (21)
Since I Left You THE AVALANCHES (25)
Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung HILLTOP HOODS (29)
Americana DIESEL (30)
Classic Carpenters DAMI IM (33)
Bloom RFS (38)

Real Wild Child ROSS WILSON
Because I Love You MONTAIGNE
Just Goodbye ROSS WILSON

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