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Howzat! Archive - October 17th 2012

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"And there is beauty all around" - Hayden Calnin, Winter

Australian Crawl, The Fauves, Something For Kate, Kisschasy add 22-year-old Hayden Calnin to the Mornington Peninsula's list of music exports. His future is bright. Hayden's single, For My Help, is a striking piece of dramatic pop. It's from Hayden's debut EP, City. "I grew up out of the city, so I'm still adjusting to city life," Hayden tells Howzat! "I've become addicted to coffee and late nights, but I'm not complaining. Though I always love heading back to my hometown, to get away from the constant noise and to see the stars at night."

City was initially intended to be an album. "I had about 15 tracks recorded," Hayden reveals, "but I knew it just wasn't time for anything like that yet." City features five tracks, including Summer, Winter and Winter II. What's Hayden's favourite season: summer or winter? "Neither," he laughs. "I think it's between autumn and spring - it's not too hot or cold. Not that it really makes a difference in Melbourne, as you tend to get all seasons in one day." Hayden adds that his sound was recently compared to "a rainy day". "I thought that was pretty awesome - I love the rain. I also got told I sounded like Justin Vernon and James Blake's love child. If that were humanly possible, it'd be rad." Hayden also liked being compared to Oscar + Martin. "Their album is probably in my all-time Top 10."

Hayden's first album purchase was Radiohead's OK Computer. "I still listen to it, even though it's very scratched." His first concert, aged 15, was CKY at an all-ages Corner gig. "I was obsessed with them, so it's still one of my favourite concerts." Expect to hear a cover at Hayden's next gig (the Northcote Social Club on Thursday, 25 October) - he likes to drop a surprise into his set. "Elvis' Hound Dog has been a favourite. I really have fun with that one. I play it on a synth and add some strange vocal effects and it's super fun to see people's reactions."

It's one of 2012's longest titles - Love Your Crooked Neighbour With Your Crooked Heart. And one of the year's best. Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos' new album showcases a songwriter who's not prepared to make the same album over and over. This is his most country offering. Distinctly Victorian, too, with Charles mentioning the Mallee, Merbein and Red Cliffs. And he robs a bank in Ouyen. The album is being launched at the Northcote Social Club on Sunday afternoon.

Georgia Fields has spoken out about too much talking at gigs. The singer-songwriter recently asked her Facebook friends: "Is it okay to talk during gigs? Is it the performer's job to be so captivating that no one could possibly even consider loosening their jaws to utter a sound? Or is it the audience's responsibility to show respect to the performer, by refraining from conversation during the show?" Georgia later expanded to Howzat!: "I wrote that Facebook post after I attended a particularly conversation-riddled weekend of gigs. I just needed to find out if I had inadvertently stumbled into some kind of alternative reality, where the common recreational activity is to pay $15 for the pleasure of standing in a dark room and talking over the top of a performer. I was relieved to hear I was not alone! Other gig-goers have been sharing their frustration." So how does Georgia deal with punters who won't shut the fuck up? "I've been working on a friendly tactic that goes, 'Hey guys, you might not realise, but the acoustics in here are really good and your voices are carrying right across the room, and everyone can hear what you're saying. I just thought I'd let you know!' I guess it's a similar approach to telling someone that their fly is undone."

Julitha Ryan plays piano, keyboards, clarinet, cello, acoustic guitar and percussion on her stunning solo debut, The Lucky Girl (available now on CD Baby and iTunes), as well as doing horn and string arrangements. Is there any instrument she can't play? "My lecturers at the Conservatorium would doubt whether I can, in fact, play any instrument," Julitha laughs. "I do, however, feel a great affinity, even friendship, with the instruments I do play. And I don't play drums, violin, saxophone or trumpet - yet." Who knows what Julitha will be playing when she launches the vinyl version of The Lucky Girl at the Northcote Social Club tonight (Wednesday). She is also playing at Pure Pop on 28 October.

Reece Mastin and Birds of Tokyo have big debuts.

Battle Scars GUY SEBASTIAN (number two)
Set This World On Fire THE JANOSKIANS (19)
Boom Boom JUSTICE CREW (21)
Rock Star REECE MASTIN (31, debut)
This Fire BIRDS OF TOKYO (32, debut)
When The Lights Go Out HAVANA BROWN (36)

Tame Impala have the week's highest new entry.

Lonerism TAME IMPALA (number four, debut)
The Sapphires soundtrack (six)
Museum BALL PARK MUSIC (nine, debut)
Leave Your Soul To Science SOMETHING FOR KATE (12)
The Rubens THE RUBENS (15)
The Temper Trap THE TEMPER TRAP (21)
Timomatic TIMOMATIC (27)
Black Rabbits GRINSPOON (28)
Falling & Flying 360 (29)
Pacifica THE PRESETS (32)
This Was Tomorrow SETH SENTRY (34)
Chasing Ghosts THE AMITY AFFLICTION (40)

Pantomime THE TIGER & ME
Snakes & Ladders GEORGIA FIELDS

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