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Howzat! Archive - September 15th 2010

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Imagine you got to tour with your rock heroes. You do 11 shows and play in front of hundreds of thousands of people. And then that's all anyone wants to talk to you about, even though you've released a fine debut album and had five singles all over Triple J. When Howzat! asks Calling All Cars, "How tired are you of talking about AC/DC?", this was their reply: "We put out our debut album, Hold, Hold, Fire, in March. It was a long time coming, as most first albums are. It contains 11 of our favourite tracks at the time and, after it being out for a few months, we are happy with how things are going. We are currently on a tour promoting the album. We will be at the Corner Hotel on the 18th September and are really stoked to be doing so. That is how tired of talking about it we are."

CAC's studio diaries - which can be found at their MySpace page - make for amusing viewing: "If our sound was a woman, she would look a bit like a dude." They are a band that shows that rock is not dead. "Calling All Cars' sound is rock 'n' roll," they say. "We don't try to be anything but." As well as AC/DC, the guys got to tour with their other rock heroes - Grinspoon. "Phil dedicated More Than You Are to us. Not sure what he was getting at there."
What was CAC's backstage rider on the AC/DC tour? "It was just the same as always - three cases premium beer, two bottles grey goose vodka, meat platter, fruit platter, sushi chef serving fresh sushi/sashimi, bonbonbonbons, hoisin crispy owl and three 20-cheese omelettes."

CAC are the biggest thing to come out of Tilba, a village near Narooma. They have since relocated to Melbourne. "The music scene is definitely more suitable here. But most importantly, the coffee in Melbourne is the real reason we moved down." Is life any different when they return to Tilba? "Not really. The town doesn't really change much, but it's always nice to go home to see our parents." Though I'm sure they all ask one question: Did you get to meet Angus? This is the answer: Angus Young (AC/DC): "Hey, how ya goin'?" James Ing (Calling All Cars): "Oh, hey man, thanks so much for having us." Angus: "Yeah, no worries." End conversation.

Tobias Cummings' new album, A Trophy (out now on new label Departed Sounds), is definitely one of our albums of the year. There's no doubt it was the difficult second album for Tobias, coming four years after his debut. "I wanted to call the album 'Atrophy', but it was a little, well, morose," Tobias tells Howzat! "It did feel somewhat appropriate though, given my situation at that time. But things got better and I cast aside the other titles floating about in my head as soon as I thought of separating 'atrophy' into two words. It became a much more optimistic title - what happier moment is there than receiving a trophy? On top of that, the album felt to me a bit like a trophy, a reward for perseverance, as the end came into sight." Tobias launches A Trophy on Saturday at the Workers Club.

Voting for this year's ARIA Awards has closed. It should be a big year for Washington, Bliss N Eso and Sia. Some questions: Will it be a breakthrough year for Eddy Current? Will the 'finger have some swansong success? And will Billy Thorpe and Rowland S Howard get posthumous nominations? The biggest question is Howzat!'s usual ARIAs anomaly whinge: How come, for example, we can vote for Perry Keyes' album in the Best Adult Contemporary and Best Independent categories but not for Album of the Year? The nominations will be announced on September 28, with the ARIAs happening in Sydney on November 7.

Tough crowd for The Fauves at the Espy last Friday. After The Doctor's brilliant rendition of the classic Baby Dale, Coxy was moved to tell the crowd: "We've just provided you with four minutes of music and all we can hear is the air conditioning. Just patronise us! In 22 years, we've had a lot of shit crowds, but there are conventions of politeness."

Little Red score their first Top 40 hit.

Plans BIRDS OF TOKYO (number 17)
Choose You STAN WALKER (21)
Love The Fall MICHAEL PAYNTER (22)
Rock It LITTLE RED (28)
Freefallin' ZOE BADWI (36)
Magic Fountain EP ART VS SCIENCE (39)
Revolution THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO (40)

Eight Aussie albums in the national Top 20.

Rage And Ruin JIMMY BARNES (number three)
Down The Way ANGUS & JULIA STONE (seven)
Running On Air BLISS N ESO (eight)
I Believe You Liar WASHINGTON (nine)
Birds Of Tokyo BIRDS OF TOKYO (10)
From The Inside Out STAN WALKER (15)
Theory Of Everything CHILDREN COLLIDE (16)
April Uprising THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO (17)
Melinda Does Doris MELINDA SCHNEIDER (24)
Illumination MIAMI HORROR (25)
Golden Rule POWDERFINGER (28)
It's Gonna Be OK ADAM BRAND (33)
40 Years True Blue JOHN WILLIAMSON (34)
Immersion PENDULUM (35)
Iron Man 2 AC/DC (38)
Aphrodite KYLIE MINOGUE (39)

Beautiful World RICH WEBB

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