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Howzat! Archive - October 14th 2015

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Paul Andrews is one of Sydney's finest songwriters. After four albums with Lazy Susan, he's now released a new album, Lustre Glo, under the name Family Fold. Paul, a masterful melody man, has come a long way since he was the drummer in a high school band called The Slacksmen ("a name that's just so, so bad," he laments). Lazy Susan found fame with their classic debut, 2001's Long Lost. Paul fondly recalls tuning in to Rosie Beaton's Super Request show on Triple J to hear a caller demand Bobby Fischer. "God, it made me feel a million bucks," Paul smiles. "Nothing like it." And then there was the time a couple flew from Brisbane to Sydney to suggest a threesome with Paul because they loved Long Lost so much. He nervously declined.

Family Fold are doing a free gig at the Yarra Hotel on Friday, 16 Oct with Central Rain. It's Paul's first Melbourne visit in five years, so we thought it was time to have a serious music chat. What's the record that changed your life? "The first record that absolutely knocked me sideways was, drum roll, Adam and the Ants' Kings of the Wild Frontier when I was 10. The fact I can still sing Antmusic all these years later, even when I mightn't have heard it for more than a decade, speaks volumes." Favourite Aussie album? "A choice between Midnight Oil's 10-1, Hoodoo Gurus' Stoneage Romeos and Hunters & Collectors' Human Frailty I think I'll go with the Gurus. I mean, I Was A Kamikaze Pilot! The lyrics in that, just incredible." The song you wish you'd written? "The Beatles' Something, my favourite song of all time. That or Dylan's Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands." Biggest career regret? "Oh, man, I guess it'd be with Lazy Susan. We'd built up a fair-sized audience after our first album [but] we didn't have anyone to give us advice. When it came to recording our next album, we put all our resources into recording and mixing and left pretty much nothing in the kitty to promote it. So it pretty much disappeared without a trace." Have you met your idols? "I met Todd Rundgren in New York about 10 years ago. It was an extraordinary chain of events: I'd tried and failed to buy tickets online before I left Australia, but I got chatting to a woman while waiting for a cab at JFK Airport, who just happened to be Todd's website designer. She got me tickets and the chance to go backstage. I was a gibbering wreck. The only thing I remember saying was, 'So, er, when are you coming to Australia?' I still kick myself." What musician would you most like to be? "George Harrison, naturally." Finally, the last album you bought? "Father John Misty's newie. It's a corker."

"What makes someone do such foolish things?" - Family Fold, Pot of Gold.

Jessica Mauboy scores her sixth Top 5 hit.

This Ain't Love JESSICA MAUBOY (number five)
Alive SIA (21)
Fire And The Flood VANCE JOY (22)
Hoops THE RUBENS (25)

A Triple J compilation keeps Cold Chisel out of top spot.

Triple J Like A Version Vol. 11 VARIOUS (number one, debut)
The Perfect Crime COLD CHISEL (two, debut)
The Best Of COLD CHISEL (21)
Authentic Lemonade DYLAN JOEL (28, debut)
Dream Your Life Away VANCE JOY (30)
Hoops THE RUBENS (34)
Currents TAME IMPALA (35)

The State of Things DAN FLYNN
We Are The Parents (Our Parents Warned Us About) CUSTARD
Traveller's Tales MOVING PICTURES

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