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Howzat! Archive - July 13th 2016

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They call their sound "slacker country", mixing "tremolo, twang and temerity, like the love children of Hank Williams and Dinosaur Jr". And their band is called The Glorious North because they all live northside, in Preston, Northcote and North Carlton. "We do everything northside," singer Pat Devery explains. "So we wanted something that anchored us in that culture." Pat started the band with his Cheezlekane buddy, guitarist Tele Dee. "We'd been tinkering around as a duo, playing country versions of songs like Pink's Get The Party Started and Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine. We started writing more originals in the genre and that was the genesis. I've always loved songs as stories and little morality tales." Their new single, Favourite Guy, is a classic tale of lust, lies and not getting laid. "Let's just say, like a lot of our songs there is some strong autobiographical material in there," Pat laughs. Listening to The Glorious North, you could be crying into your beer, but you'll probably chuckle instead. The band's live line-up includes guitarist Dave Sayer, ex-Rail. Dave joined after bumping into drummer Darren Vlah at Aldi in Preston. "Wonderful things happen at Aldi, don't let anyone tell you differently." The album, Welcome To The Glorious North - to be launched at the Northcote Social Club on Sunday, 24 July - was produced by Klinger's Dave Rogers, who has released solo material under the name D. Rogers. "Dave is brilliant," Pat says. "Utterly, unmistakably brilliant. He gets to the kernel of a song - what makes it worth listening to - and helps you build from there." The record had Howzat! thinking of that classic Melbourne country-rock sound, like The Warner Brothers, Weddings Parties Anything and Barb Waters. But Pat is not so sure. "The artists The Glorious North remind me most of are The Johnnys, who were a Sydney band, really, and to a lesser extent Nick Cave - thematically more than musically - who I guess you can say is a Melbourne boy. Then again, we've been friends and massive fans of The Warner Brothers/Overnight Jones for years now."

The Fauves have outlived seven prime ministers and survived the rock 'n' roll dying age of 27. They turn 28 this month, celebrating with a gig at the Richmond Theatrette on 17 July.

"I made excuses, said I was sick. Should have admitted I was thinking with my dick" - The Glorious North, Favourite Guy.

Aussie artists are on top on the singles and album charts. The Veronicas score their third number one single with In My Blood jumping from three to one. It's just the second homegrown hit to top the charts this year.

In My Blood THE VERONICAS (number one)
Say It FLUME (15)
The Fighter KEITH URBAN (19)
Cheap Thrills SIA (29)
Never Be Like You FLUME (39)

Delta scores her fourth number one album.

Wings Of The Wild DELTA GOODREM (number one, debut)
The Speed Of Sound IN STEREO (three, debut)
Ripcord KEITH URBAN (seven)
Of Dirt And Grace - Live From The Land HILLSONG UNITED (12, debut)
Skin FLUME (13)
Americana DIESEL (15, debut)
Soul Searchin' JIMMY BARNES (18)
Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung HILLTOP HOODS (19)
Classic Carpenters DAMI IM (22)
50 Best Songs PLAY SCHOOL (23)
The Best Of THE WIGGLES (26)
Live At The Sydney Opera House JOSH PYKE (27, debut)
FMA GRACE (32, debut)
Thick As Thieves THE TEMPER TRAP (33)
This Is Acting SIA (39)

Real Wild Child ROSS WILSON
Because I Love You MONTAIGNE
Great White Shark PETER GARRETT

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