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Howzat! Archive - September 12th 2012

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"We're just waiting for the Dockers supporters to roll in," Split Seconds singer Sean Pollard said after the band's second song at Ding Dong last Saturday. "They're gonna be drunk as fuck." It was a big night for Perth people in Melbourne - Split Seconds were launching their debut album, You'll Turn Into Me (out now through Inertia), straight after Freo's purple reign at the MCG. The band is now calling Melbourne home, but Sean says, "We'll always be a Perth band." Sean sings about "shifting suddenly from state to state" in Maiden Name, one of the album's many highlights. "We were pretty keen to make the jump for life and band reasons," Sean tells Howzat! "Being in Melbourne makes it easier to tour."

Live, Split Seconds add muscle to their marvellous melodies. And you gotta love a band where every member does backing vocals. Their sound has earned comparisons to Perth's most revered band, The Triffids. "We do cop that comparison," Sean admits, "but the interesting thing is I only discovered The Triffids about three years ago. I was living in England and I read an article that revealed they used to live near where I was living. Of course, I'd heard of them, but they were almost like a mythical band." Sean is now a big fan. "They're on regular rotation and they're a big influence." Sean's formative influence was his dad. "He has a huge record collection, more than 7000 albums." The first album Sean bought was Nirvana's Nevermind - for $6 from Cash Converters. "I was obsessed with it." His first gig was at the Rechabites Hall in Perth in the late '90s, with Love Camp 7, Turnstyle, The Tigers and Kerb. "A friend's dad had a free ticket, and it was so incredibly loud. I thought, 'How cool is this!'" Sean and keys player, Benjamin Golby, later released two EPs and an album with New Rules For Boats before forming Split Seconds.

During Saturday's show, Sean talked about getting lost in Richmond after going to the 'G for the Hawthorn/Collingwood final. "We're total Perth-lings," he laughed. "Be kind to us - tell us where we're going." With strong Triple J support, they've got the keys to the city. As Sean sings in Top Floor, "The time for us is now."

Finally, Paul Kelly is going to perform at the AFL Grand Final. The Meat Loaf debacle has had a positive outcome - an all-Australian entertainment line-up, with Paul appearing alongside The Temper Trap and Tim Rogers. The news did not please The Australian's Patrick Smith. The Andrew Bolt of the sports writing world told SEN: "He [Paul Kelly] is the most boring singer, songwriter, whatever; he is the dullest singer. He'll come on with some dirge, it'll be hideous." Smith - who stopped barracking for the Bombers when James Hird became coach, switching to Richmond - clearly knows as much about music as football. Paul's Grand Final appearance is long overdue. Now we just need the Nylex Clock to be switched back on.

Busy time for Robert Forster. The Go-Betweens have just unleashed their best-of, Quiet Heart, and Robert also pops up on Henry Wagons' new duets collection, Expecting Company?, which is being launched at the Thornbury Theatre on Cup Eve. "I Still Can't Find Her is about a search for a muse amongst piles of photos and trinkets," Henry explains. "The protagonist can never quite find what he's after, but Robert provides the answer. In the perfect authoritative, yet comforting, voice, he tells me I never had to search in the first place."

The Dead Salesmen once had a manager who told them to write a song like Counting Crows' Mr Jones. Singer Hap Hayward wrote "an unlistenable, screaming whinge-fest" instead. "I want to bite the hand," he sang, "Send the fingers to you." The lyrics for that song, Knot, are now featured in Hap's new book, Songs About You, which he's launching at Readings in Carlton tonight (Wednesday). Is Hap a better songwriter now that he's older and wiser? "You become 'better' in one sense of the word, where you start to use less words to say what you want. But part of me misses the rambling, naive young writer, who wrote before he actually thought about it and ended up singing it at the pub that night."

Guy Sebastian scores his longest-running chart-topper, with Battle Scars notching its fourth week on top.

Battle Scars GUY SEBASTIAN (number one)
Boom Boom JUSTICE CREW (four)
When The Lights Go Out HAVANA BROWN (21)
Run Alone 360 (25)
Everyone's Waiting MISSY HIGGINS (39)

The Angels take it to the charts - inexplicably, without Doc.

The Sapphires soundtrack (number three)
The Ol' Razzle Dazzle MISSY HIGGINS (six)
My Journey KARISE EDEN (eight)
The Story So Far KEITH URBAN (11)
Timomatic TIMOMATIC (13)
Falling & Flying 360 (21)
Take It To The Streets THE ANGELS (24, debut)
Divination IN HEARTS WAKE (27, debut)
Drinking From The Sun HILLTOP HOODS (29)
Broken Brights ANGUS STONE (34)
The Temper Trap THE TEMPER TRAP (39)

I Still Can't Find Her HENRY WAGONS
The Soaring General ANDREW McDONALD
Word Gets Around JR REYNE

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