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Howzat! Archive - June 11th 2014

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Fresh from her striking cameo in the 7 Creeks video for Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos, Georgia Fields is now focusing on finishing her second album, Astral Debris, which comes four years after her self-titled debut. The difficult second album? "Well, it's definitely been a long time coming," Georgia says. "Whether it's difficult or not, I think I'll need to make a few more albums and decide retrospectively!" Georgia's new single, Hood and the Hunter, is a modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. "There are so many versions of that story," she explains, "including one where the Wolf tricks Little Red into unwittingly cannibalising her own grandmother. I wanted to reimagine the version where the young girl cuts her way out of the Wolf's belly - being both the 'Hood' and the 'Hunter'. The meaning of the story changes completely when the girl is the heroine." Georgia's new album has a cosmic theme. "The title refers to the aftermath of a cosmic explosion, and also the star matter that we're all made of. While writing, I was interested in shared myths and symbolism. My father used to take me to Sydney Observatory as a young girl, and I've always been fascinated by astronomy and science fiction." Georgia is also interested in how the natural world influences our human experience. "For example, how sunlight and moonlight might affect our moods. It is common knowledge that the moon affects our ocean tides and the way we plant our crops - it would be folly to think humans are exempt from astronomical influence, too." Georgia's Pozible campaign, to help fund the album, closes on 12 June.


Ben Lee is playing at Howler on 2 July, with a band featuring Dave Rogers and Sophie Koh. Ben is also working on a new record, Love Is The Great Rebellion, which he says is a pop album, in contrast to the "impressionistic psychedelia" of his last album.

As we catch World Cup fever, Melbourne's Vaudeville Smash have teamed up with the legendary Les Murray to deliver the soccer anthem Zinedine Zidane, which celebrates one of France's greatest players. The clip had more than 200,000 YouTube views in three days.

He was one of the greatest Australian frontmen of all time. A charming man offstage; a magical, menacing presence onstage. Rock in peace, Doc Neeson.

"Gimme the sound of the rolling dice, gimme a whiskey, don't think twice/ Deal me the card that takes my blues away/ Take me away to Marseilles" - The Angels, Marseilles.


Justice Crew spend their fifth week on top.

Que Sera JUSTICE CREW (number one)
Fancy IGGY AZALEA (five)
Chandelier SIA (six)
Geronimo SHEPPARD (10)
Super Love DAMI IM (11)
Tightrope ILLY (19)
High PEKING DUK (24)
She Looks So Perfect 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER (30)
Don't Stop 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER (33)
Burn The Bright Lights THE COLLECTIVE (34, debut)
Shame KEITH URBAN (35)
Heart Beats Slow ANGUS & JULIA STONE (37, debut)
Live It Up 360 FEATURING PEZ (40)

Keith Urban leaps from 39 to six. And the Top 40 features two Angels compilations.

Fuse KEITH URBAN (number six)
The New Classic IGGY AZALEA (seven)
The Very Best INXS (nine)
Built On Glass CHET FAKER (12)
Atlas RUFUS (18)
40 Years of Rock - Greatest Studio Hits THE ANGELS (20)
The Night Tree PIERCE BROTHERS (21, debut)
Dune Rats DUNE RATS (22, debut)
Van Diemen's Land RUSSELL MORRIS (23)
Greatest Hits THE ANGELS (26, debut)
Harlequin Dream BOY & BEAR (30)
Hungry Ghost VIOLENT SOHO (34)
Cinematic ILLY (36)
The Great Country Songbook TROY CASSAR-DALEY & ADAM HARVEY (40)

Any 3 Chords MIA DYSON
People Will Break Your Heart JEFF LANG

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