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Aussie artists
Welcome to Living in the Land of Oz


Here's my favourite Aussie albums, gigs, etc of 2015
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Top 10 favourite Aussie albums of 2015:
(in alphabetical order)
"Age Against The Machine" Jim Keays
"Eternal Return" Sarah Blasko
"Kill It Yourself" Jess Ribeiro
"Melbourne's Women Of Soul" Women Of Soul
"Red Dirt Red Heart" Russell Morris
"Slow Gum" Fraser A Gorman
"Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit" Courtney Barnett
"Sorry I Let It Come Between Us" Saskwatch
"The Great Wave" Skipping Girl Vinegar
"White Bird/Burn The Sky" Palace Of The King

Top 10 favourite Aussie gigs of 2015:
(in order of when they happened)
Blue King Brown, Hi-Fi Bar (now Max Watts), January 15th
Winter Moon/Tully On Tully, Toff In Town, April 7th
Women Of Soul, Shadow Electric, April 11th
Axe Girl/Blindmunkee, Cherry Bar, April 28th
Skipping Girl Vinegar, The Playhouse (Arts Centre), May 2nd
Baby Animals/The Superjesus, Max Watts, May 29th
Stonefield, Shadow Electric, June 26th
Smith Street Dreaming Festival: Archie Roach/Emma Donovan & The PutBacks/Coloured Stone, Collingwood, July 17th
Dave Graney 'n' The Coral Snakes, Memo, August 7th
Stella Angelico/WILSN, Toff In Town, August 22nd

Best cover song:
"You Don't Own Me", Grace (Lesley Gore cover)

Best duet:
"Munjana" Dan Sultan & Emma Donovan (live on ABC radio's Archie Roach special)

Best collaboration:
"Emergance" Nick Wales and Sarah Blasko

Best album to listen to when you're following the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole:
"Choose Your Weapon" Hiatus Kaiyote

Best album title:
"Seeing Red/Feeling Blue", Mojo Juju

Best song title:
"Success Is The Best Revenge", Dallas Frasca

Latin phrase that suddenly seems to be a common song title:
'Aqua Profunda', used by both Courtney Barnett and Mick Thomas

Best line from a song:
'So many notches in that belt, it sure would make a pretty noose'
     "Rain It Down", Mojo Juju
'He gave me a ring from a guitar string'
     "Unfamiliar Ground", Jess Ribeiro

Act I saw live the most:
Emma Donovan/Emma Donovan & The PutBacks (four times)

Best Australian Made Post-Apocalyptic Feminist Propaganda Film:
Mad Max Fury Road

Trend Of The Year:
Themed covers albums
(eg Suze DeMarchi's album of cover songs about being at home, Natalie Imbruglia's album of cover songs originally by male singers, The Pigs album of Aussie cover songs)

Disappointments Of The Year:
The Empress reopening but not as a music venue
TISM not representing Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest
Sydney's lock out laws
What seems like every music venue in Sydney closing down (see above)

Controversy Of The Year:
The Little River Band get booked to perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to celebrate the band's 40th Anniversary which is heavily promoted on air. Original members of the band kick up a stink and the current band are prohibited from performing any songs written by Birtles, Briggs, Goble or Shorrock. The band are then dropped from the Tonight Show and are never mentioned again

The Wait is Over:
New music from Mandy Kane

Still Waiting:
The Avalanches' 2nd album

Gone to the Great Gig In The Sky:
Allan Browne OAM (jazz drummer)
Colleen McCullough AO (author, "The Thorn Birds")
Glen Barrie (As Paradise Falls)
James Cruickshank (The Cruel Sea/solo artist)
Margot Moir (The Moir Sisters)
Peter Anson (The Missing Links/The Id)
Richie Benaud (cricketer/broadcaster)
Shane Cooper (stage manager, Thirsty Merc)
Stevie Wright (The Easybeats/solo artist)

Welcome Back:
Gretchen Lewis
Rogue Traders
The Badloves
The Empress (but it's no longer a music venue)
     "For One Night Only"
Dave Graney n' The Coral Snakes
Icecream Hands
Sarah Sarah
The Sports

"Live On Bowen" (Channel 31 variety show)
Soundwave (music festival)
"Sunday Nigh Safran" (Triple J radio show)
The Cellar Bar (St Kilda music venue)
The Deep End

Happy Anniversary:
Normie Rowe's songs "It Ain't Necessarily So", "Que Sera Sera" and "Shakin' All Over" (50 years)
Triple J (40 years)
4ZZZ (40 years)
The Little River Band (40 years)
Skyhooks' "Ego Is Not A Dirty Word" album (40 years)
Warumpi Band's "Big Name, No Blankets" album (30 years)
Woodford Folk Festival (30 years)
Meredith Music Festival (25 years)
Archie Roach's "Charcoal Lane" album (25 years)
Christine Anu's "Stylin' Up" album (20 years)
Silverchair's "Frogstomp" album (20 years)
The Beards (10 years)
The Drones' "Wait Long by the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By" album (10 years)
Wolfmother's "Wolfmother" album (10 years)

Who I interviewed in 2015:
Aidrian Vudrag from Jupiter Zeus, Ali Barter, Andrew Matters from William Street Strikers, Andy The Kid, Benny Walker, Brendon Boney from Microwave Jenny, Brent DeBoer & Bob Harrow from Immigrant Union, Catherine Meeson, Celeste Potter from Ouch My Face, Chelsea Wilson from Women Of Soul, Christine Anu, Dallas Frasca, Dave Larkin from Dallas Crane, Declan Kelly from Declan Kelly's Dieseln'Dub, Deena (performed live), Dellacoma Rio from Dellacoma, Eddie Boyd from Eddie Boyd and The Phatapillars, Elaine Crombie, Ella Fence, Fraser A. Gorman, Gemma O'Connor from Flyying Colours, Jake Winter from Winter Moon, James Young (Cherry Bar/CherryRock Festival), Jamie Hutchings from Infinity Broke, Jensen Tjhung from Deaf Wish, Jess Ribeiro, Jimmy Vann from The Vanns, Johnny Wishbone from The Snowdroppers, Kate Duncan from Sarah Sarah, Laura Imbruglia from Amateur Hour, Lou James from Alpine, Luke Monks from Gay Paris, Mandy Kane (performed live), Marcus Ross from Kid Radio, Martin Kennedy from Kilbey/Kennedy, Matt Doll (Matt Thomas) from Video Video, Matt Field (Operations Manager, Channel 31 Melbourne), Michael Badger from The Demon Parade, Millar Jukes from Millar Jukes and The Bandits, Mojo Juju, Nick O'Mara from Raised By Eagles, Perrin Moss from Hiatus Kaiyote, Renee Morgan from Once Were Wild, Rupert Edwards from Dick Diver, Sean Kelly from Models, Shameem, Shelley Segal, Spencer Barnes from WD HAN, Tim Henwood from Palace Of The King and The Superjesus, Toby Beard (aka Toby), Tony Martin, Xavier Rudd from Xavier Rudd The United Nations, Yanni Burton. Plus Jeff Jenkins from The Music and I had our annual end of year chat.
55 interviews

As always a big thank you to all the publicists, managers and artists who made the above interviews happen

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