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Aussie artists
Welcome to Living in the Land of Oz


Here's my favourite Aussie songs, albums, gigs, etc of 2014
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people please be advised that this page contains
the name of an indigenous person who is deceased

Top 10 favourite Aussie songs of 2014:
(in alphabetical order)
Axe Girl "Silence"
Chela "Zero"
Chelsea Wilson "Through With Lovin' You"
Dan Sultan "Kimberley Calling"
Delsinki Records "Pull the Trigger"
Ella Hooper "The Red Shoes"
Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse "Kalyakoorl"
Howling Bells "Slowburn"
Kate Miller-Heidke "Drama feat. Drapht"
Shelley Segal "Morocco"

Top 11 favourite Aussie albums of 2014:
(in alphabetical order)
A Gender "Fixations"
Andy White "How Things Are"
Ella Hooper "In Tongues"
Four Hours Sleep "4HS"
Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse "Kalyakoorl"
Howling Bells "Heartstrings"
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard "I'm In Your Mind Fuzz"
Paul Kelly & Friends "The Merri Soul Sessions"
Russell Morris "Van Diemen's Land"
Saskwatch "Nose Dive"
The Grates "Dream Team"

Top 10 favourite Aussie gigs of 2014:
(in order of when they happened)
Sarah Blasko/Appleonia, Heavenly Sounds-St Michaels Church, January 22nd
Klinger, Northcote Social Club, January 26th
Jeff Martin & Sarah McLeod, Northcote Social Club, January 29th
Kate Miller-Heidke, Athenaeum Theatre, March 18th
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard/GUM, The Tote, March 27th
Dave Graney, Baby Black Espresso Bar, May 17th
Frente/Maples, The Playhouse, May 23rd
Wagons/ Fraser A Gorman/Jonny Fritz (USA), Hi-Fi Bar, June 6th
Clare Bowditch & Adalita, Winter Secrets-Corner Hotel, July 18th
Ash Grunwald/The Bart Willoughby Band/Digging Roots (Canada), Hi-Fi Bar, November 13th
          Special mentions:
Childwise Benefit (Steve Lucas, Debra Byrne, Murray "Red Wiggle" Cook, James Reyne, Tim Rogers and Davey Lane, Chris Wilson, Joey and Yolanda from DollSquad and more), Thornbury Theatre, March 23rd
Support Peter Greste (Ella Hooper, Mark Seymour, Ross Wilson, Frente, Vika and Linda Bull and the Rockwiz Orkestra), Hi-Fi Bar, August 21st

Best cover songs:
"Blackfella/Whitefella" (Warumpi Band), Missy Higgins and Crystal Itjuwalyi Butcher
"Mr Sandman" (The Chordettes), Sahara Beck
"Reckless" (Australian Crawl), Tom E. Lewis
"Sunday Morning" (Velvet Underground), Courtney Barnett & Billy Bragg on RocKwiz
"Walking In The Rain" (Flash & The Pan), Doc Neeson

Best duet:
Jen Cloher & Tim Rogers "Stone Age Brain"

Best album title:
"I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me", Chelsea Wilson

Best song title:
"Friends With Scum", The Grates

Most ill timed song title:
"Cosby Sweater" by Hilltop Hoods

Best lyrics:
Tie: "Drama" by Kate Miller-Heidke/"Pickles From The Jar" by Courtney Barnett

Best trends:
The Aussie music Baby Boom
Aussie acts topping music charts worldwide
Aussie acts performing on international TV shows

Real life soap opera of the year:
Phil Rudd and AC/DC

Weirdest TV show:
Fishcam, Channel 31

The Wait is Over:
Ian "Molly" Meldrum's Biography

Still Waiting:
The Avalanches' 2nd album

Gone to the Great Gig In The Sky:
Charlotte Dawson (TV personality, model)
'Doc' Neeson OAM (The Angels, Red Phoenix, Moonshine Jug and String Band, solo artist)
Ed Nimmervoll (music journalist and author)
Gavin Jones (founder of Deadly Sounds radio show, Deadly Vibe magazine and the Deadly Awards)
Graeme Goodall (recording engineer, co-founder of Island Records)
Gulliver Smith (Company Caine)
Jason Curley (Tumbleweed)
Jim Keays (Masters Apprentices, Cotton Keays Morris, solo artist)
Johnny Crash (Models, Sacred Cowboys)
Ruby Carter (jazz singer)
Stella Young (TV presenter, comedian, journalis, disability advocate)
Tony Cahill (Purple Hearts)
Trevor Young (The Coloured Balls, Blackfeather)
Wendy Hughes (actress)

Welcome Back:
1200 Techniques
Area 7
Augie March
Brody Dalle
Four Hours Sleep
The Gasometer (Melbourne venue)
Radio Birdman
Sean M. Whelan and The Mime Set
Short Stack
Spicks & Specks (TV show)
The Brown Hornet
The Doug Anthony All Stars
The Mavis's (three fifths of)
The Scientists

At The Movies (TV show)
Deadly Sounds (indigenous radio show)
FBi Social (Sydney music venue)
Fire! Santa Rosa Fire!
Hunting Grounds (aka Howl)
The Palace (Melbourne music venue)
Papa Vs Pretty
Parachute Youth
Pure Pop Records (Melbourne music store and venue)
Spicks & Specks (TV show)
Yacht Club DJs

Happy Anniversary:
Albert Productions (50 years)
TV show "Countdown" (40 years)
Skyhooks' "Living In The 70" album (40 years)
Rubber Records (25 years)
The Screaming Jets (25 years)
Frente's album "Marvin The Album" (21 years)
Area 7 (20 years)
Something For Kate (20 years)
Channel 31 Melbourne (20 years)
Radio show "Living In The Land Of Oz" (10 years)

Who I interviewed in 2014:
Adam Thompson (Chocolate Starfish), Addison Axe (Axe Girl), Andrew Kitchen (Antiskeptic), Andy White, Angie Hart (Frente/Four Hours Sleep/Holidays On Ice), Anita Leater aka Lester The Fierce, Ash Hunter (I, A Man), Ben Birchall (Klinger), Bill McDonald (Four Hours Sleep), Bob "Bongo" Starkie (ex-Skyhooks), Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo), Bruce Hearn (Strange Tenants), Caitlin Park, Calum Newton (Lunatics On Pogosticks), Christopher Coleman (Christopher Coleman Collective), Craig Johnston aka Delsinki Records, Dan Sultan, Dana Roskvist (Sydonia), Danielle Whalebone (Animal Hands), Darren Hart aka Harts, Dave Gleeson (Screaming Jets, The Angels), Dave Graney, Dave Morgan (Bonjah), Davey Lane, Dean Mitchell (Mar Haze), Ella Hooper, Emma Donovan, Emma Heeney, Fergus Linacre (Kingswood), Franky Walnut, Guy Morton (WHTSQR), Harry Hookey, Jake Leaney (Inventions), James Buckingham (Nova & The Experience), Jay Watson (Gum, Pond, Tame Impala), Jeff Lang, Jess Carroll (Second Hand Heart), Jess McAvoy (Heroine), Jessica Chapnik Kahn aka Appleonia, Joel Cooper (The Evening Cast), John Brewster (The Angels), Johnny Took (Little Bastard), Juanita Stein (Howling Bells), Kat Orgovany (Kill TV), Kate Miller-Heidke, Katie Noonan, Kevin Borich, Kris Schroeder (The Basics), Leanne Kingwell, Marcia Hines, Matt Lidbetter and Tim Clark (The Fixators), Melody Pool, Mic Conway (Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band), Michael Browning (former AC/DC manager/author of Dog Eat Dog), Monique Brumby, Natalie Pa'apa'a (Blue King Brown), N'fa Jones, Nicholas Allbrook, Pat Pierce (The Pierce Brothers), Patience Hodgson (The Grates), Patrick Donovan (Music Victoria), Paul Reid, Paul Woseen, Peter Aumann (Better Than The Wizards), Rachel Collis, Rai Thistlethwayte (Thirsty Merc), Rob Muinos (Saskwatch), Rose Wintergreen, Ross Wilson, Shelley Segal (performed live), Sibylla Stephen (The Little Stevies), Stephen Cummings, Steve Balbi, Steve Lucas, Taasha Coates (The Audreys), Tim Earle (Dogwood Crossing), Tim Hulsman and Tommy Boyce (The Casanovas). 78 interviews

As always a big thank you to all the publicists, managers and artists who made the above interviews happen

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